~ What are the puzzles made of? 

All our puzzles are made of solid rubber wood and water-based, non-toxic paints. We require paint test reports and certificates with each of our shipments.

~ Are the parts safe for small children?

All the puzzle pieces pass the small parts test to make sure they are big enough for young children.  The recommended ages are based on the skills and not the size of the parts.

Warning: No matter how safe the toys are, we recommend that parents don't leave children under 3 unattended.

~ Where are the puzzles made? What are the working conditions?

The puzzles are hand-crafted in Sri Lanka, a leading global sourcing destination for natural rubber and rubber-based products since the first seeds of rubber were planted on the island nearly 150 years ago.

All of the factory employees are over 18 years old and are paid above the minimum wage and insured according to the local laws. 

~Why is rubberwood sustainable?

Rubberwood is sustainable in multiple ways:

1- The first use of a rubber tree comes from the latex they produce. When a tree is about 20 years old, the latex production decreases and it’s no longer commercially viable to tap the tree. The tree then is ready to be utilized for other industries, such as furniture and toys.

2- Unlike other trees that are cut, rubber trees are always replanted.

3- Using more rubberwood ensures that other, less protected trees will be spared.